Solar-Image™: The potential to make solar panels disappear!

Unsightly solar panels could be a thing of the past. That's the potential behind GDI LLC’s patented Solar-Image™ process: It would transform unattractive panels into a solid color, a full-color pattern, or a panoramic photo, all while maintaining high output power. Panels on a terracotta tile roof, for example, could present a photo-like image of the tiles underneath them, making them practically disappear into the roof. An acre of panels in a field of clover could present an image of a field of clover. Virtually any preselected image could be reproduced.

GDI is offering the patent for sale or licensing to an established company with expertise in the field, to perform proof-of-concept development and to commercialize the technology. The ideal outcome will be a process to apply the imagery on solar panels as-manufactured as well as an aftermarket option for camouflaging or beautifying existing panels.

The revolutionary Solar-Image™ process is based on reflective nano-structure filter technology. The filters would be highly efficient and tuned to reflect over very narrow wavelengths so nearly all of the sun’s useful energy would pass through to the panels.

The images shown here are simulated.

How it would work:
The Solar-Image™ nano-structure filter technology would enable high-efficiency, narrow-band reflection of specific colors. Only about half of the light used by solar panels to generate electricity comes from visible light (400-700nm), so using these narrow band filters tuned to the primary colors (red, green and blue) has very little effect on the electricity generation of the panels:

A group of these filters would act like a pixel on a display. An array made up of "pixels" of these three colors would then present a full color image in sunlight.
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